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Looking for fast reliable garage door repair in Los Angeles? Look no further Bell Garage Door services all types of doors including overhead sectional, roll up, swing up, swing out, and side sliding. Rest assured we have an amazing selection of new door types and styles which will be perfect for your home or business garage. We carry doors made in a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, wood, glass, fiberglass, and thermal insulated. We also offer custom doors and have a large variety of window and handle styles to choose from. 

Fast Response Garage Door Repair Service

We are now offering fast response professional service 7 days a week.  If you’re like most home owners your overhead door is likely the most frequently used door in and out of your home. When it breaks it can be a real inconvenience.  Whenever it occurs you will need your door repaired quickly by a trusted professional. You can rely on our professional service to get your door or opener repaired or replaced quickly and correctly.

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We service all brands of doors and openers including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman, Universal, Linear.  Our expert technicians deliver top notch residential and commercial repair and installation service 7 days a week.  You can trust that we will get the Job Done Right. 

Our install & repair services include:

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Your technician will do a complete on-site inspection and provide you with a clear written estimate. First Time Customers receive 10% off any paid repair. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction is our priority. Don’t put off repairing a garage door you know needs fixing and it can pose a real danger. A door that does not open or close properly can be an accident waiting to happen.  Call us Today For Expert Service!





Give Your Garage a Face Lift!

Adding a new overhead door can transform the appearance of your home. We offer a wide variety of quality residential  and commercial garage doors with an impressive selection of colors, window, materials and styles to choose from.

We offer an amazing sectional new sectional garage doors including, raised panel, wood, carriage, glass, and roll up doors. What ever your home or business needs you can bet we have the right door for you. One of our professional technicians will come out to your location,  provide you with a FREE On-Site Written Estimate. Call Us Today To Schedule Your Service Call!

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5(based on 5 reviews)
  • Fantastic Job! I called at 8 O'Clock on a Monday Morning and my repair was completed by 10. The Fast Response Service live up to the promise. John Reager 03/31/2016
  • We recently purchased a new home and needed to replace the old garage door. We were referred to this company by our new neighbor. I am so glad he suggested we call. The price was better than the other places we talked with and we love the way the beautiful new wood Garage Doors dress the place up. Everyone was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them. Mary Dunnbar 04/02/2016
  • Awesome experience from start to finish! I was not paying attention to what I was doing and backed into the corner of my garage with my truck. My F150 crushed the garage door track and there was no way to get the door closed. I was already late for my appointment and now I was stranded at my house because I could not leave with the Garage Door wide open. I was amazed how quickly they arrived at my house. Seriously it was only an hour or so and the guy had the track replaced and the door working great within 30 minutes. I could not be more happy with the service or the price. Alan Jackson 04/04/2016
  • I could not get my garage door to open and did not know what to do about it. When I called Ron asked me a few questions and then asked me to check my door controller for a lock button. Sure enough I had one, honestly I never really paid any attention to it before. Well all I had to do was press the button to unlock the door. Naturally I felt pretty foolish. We had a good laugh about it and Ron was super nice. Laticia Funtes 04/06/2016
  • I had discovered my garage door was broken when I returned home from a really long day. The door just would not budge. Of course it was raining and I had to go through the front door. Well the spring had broken and I wanted to get it fixed before I left for work the next day at 7am. Well I called and talked to Ron and even though it was already after 7pm he told me not to worry he would have someone over by 9pm. He made good on his word and the repair was done in no time. I rate this business at the top for their friendly and outstanding service. Karen Barth 04/07/2016








Commercial Garage Door Service Now Available 24/7 in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

We understand how imperative it is that your business has fully functioning doors at all times. Whenever you need us 24/7 you can get a fast professional response to your service call.  We provide expert commercial overhead door sales and service. We stock all basic sizes and types of rolling doors,  sectional doors,  and may have the perfect door already in stock.   However commercial projects can vary greatly and can often require custom orders to incorporate features that satisfy the clients end purpose. What ever your need our highly trained commercial specialists can find the door to suit your specific needs. 

Commercial Annual Maintenance Plans

We strongly recommend an annual commercial service contract for your business with heavy traffic and constant use of their doors. With all the excessive wear and tear some businesses place on their doors parts can wear out quickly. Left unaddressed these wear points can lead to breakage, accidents, and downtime. The safety of  workers and the need to keep your operation running smoothly are worth well protecting. An annual maintenance plan includes full replacement of your rollers and any other excessively worn, cracked, or damaged hardware discovered, and we also check and clean the springs, adjust the door balance, basically check and tighten all the hardware. Best of all it saves time and money in the long run. Ask us about an annual plan for your business today.

Choosing the Best Door Company for Your Home or Business

When it comes to choosing the right service provider in Los Angeles home and business owners have many choices. When searching for the right doors company to work with keep these important things in mind. For long term convenience and safety it’s important to choose a reputable company that will guide you to the solution best suited for your needs and budget.  A trusted specialist can also determine if a you need a repair or if a full replacement. The bottom line is choosing the right company to work can save you hassle, time and money.

Key Points to Consider When Making Your Decision

  • Ask about the warranty as well as any maintenance required.
  • With an average of over 300 moving parts it’s essential to your family’s, guests, or employees safety that you find a reliable and experienced licensed professional.
  • Always look for positive online testimonials and reviews.
  • Hire only experienced licensed professionals.

Is your door not opening or closing properly?

Having a broken door or opener can be a real inconvenience not to mention a potential safety issue. We service all major brands of openers. Any number of reasons may be the cause of a malfunction. It could be something as simple as an object blocking the door sensors, misaligned optics or a bad remote to something more involved like an broken motor. In any case our friendly technician check the entire system top to bottom and identify the problem.

8 common things to check when something goes wrong with your Overhead door.

1. Check the batteries in your remote and replace if needed. When the battery is getting weak it might work at times and not at others. This can easily be mistaken as a problem with your opener rather than the remote. A fresh set of batteries might do the trick.
2. Your car remote lost the code and needs to be adjusted. Did your battery die or was it recently replaced? The built in remote in your car’s rear view may have lost the code. Some models loose this information and need to be re-synced with the receiver. For your manuals instructions to restore use.
3. Check that nothing is blocking the optical sensor and in the path of the door.
4. Check the optical sensors at the bottom of your door for proper alignment.
5. A Broken Spring is fairly common and easy to spot. Stand facing toward the door near center. Above the door where the opener track attaches to the wall you will see one or two long springs, typically black in color. If you look carefully you may notice the spring is broken. This is not an uncommon occurrence in doors. Rather a broken spring is usually the culprit and the main cause of mechanical problems not related to the remote or opener. This is a repair for the pros, we invite you to give a call right away. We can have your door up and going in a jiffy. Don’t try this one on your own if you don’t have the proper tools and a working knowledge of garage door mechanics. It could pose a danger to you and others.
6. Check the door track proper alignment then inspect the rollers at the end of each door section is properly seated. Look for rollers that are misaligned or altogether out of the track. Additionally a roller may be broken or altogether missing which on larger doors can be noticed on opening as it tends to cause the door to sway or dip when settling in a fully opened position.
7. Inspect the cables attached to the bottom corner on each side of the door. The cables attach at the other end located at the top of the door. You will see the cable wrapped around a pulley wheel. Look for any entanglement or breakage the length of the cable and proper alignment with the pulley.
8. Check for loose or missing hardware at all connection points. Over time from all the opening and closing action of the door. The vibration of the opener and general use any number of the 300 parts can loosen up and even fall out. We recommend a routine maintenance checkup for your door and opener every other year. Let us know if you would like use to put you on the schedule for your garage door repair.



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